December Days and Sunshine


It’s been very wintery and cold here in the south of England. I drove to the studio today and, on my way, had a beautiful view of the south downs with sunlight and mist.

I am finally at the studio with my little dog and commenced working on two pieces of jewelry for customers. When it was all too much for Pickles to bear, she scratched my leg and let me know that it was time for a walk — and so we walked — up and down the high street where we saw a a group of musicians, complete with bagpipes, serenading the crowds with Christmas carols. Pickles was unimpressed. She merely wanted to sniff the lampposts and greet other doggies who were out walking on this cold Sunday in December.

I now see that I have forgotten Pickle’s favourite dog food and so I think I’ll have to sprinkle a little bit of my baked salmon on her kibble to entice her to eat.

And wrap her up in a blanket because it’s cold down here!


It’s Sunday evening and time to go curl up with a book.  I’m reading Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill.  And you?

5 thoughts on “December Days and Sunshine

  1. No sky is more blue than on a late autumn, crisp, clear day. I miss those skies here in Florida.

    I have found that dropping a half of spoonful of the cat’s canned food into Chandler’s bowl gets him to eat the dry kibble. He’s like an old water pump, you have to prime him.

    1. Yes — I’ve tried that trick too and it works. Man…cat food. That’s the best because it’s so high in fat and protein and Pickles thinks she’s died and gone to heaven. However, tonight she happily ate my salmon and finished all her crunchy fudz. Good girl.

  2. Sunday night and I faffed about on the computer. I’m doing it again this morning. Will stop after this but wanted to tell you that I’m enjoying the stories from your world too xx

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