Artly Things

The Guildford Gallery had their annual student show and I was asked to steward for a few afternoons a week. It’s really one of my favourite things to do because I meet other local artists and crafts people and we share notes and experiences.

Last week I met a stained glass artist who learned her craft because she was renovating an old house that needed a few stained glass windows. She also studied stone carving because her garden wall needed carved architectural pieces replaced.  She also ran a theatre company for 20 years.  Yeah…she’s one of those people who just ooze creativity and energy and she is lovely and inspiring.

Here’s a sweet little stained glass fox in winter:

I liked these little zen pots, made by ceramic artist, Julie Wise.

I liked them so much that I now have a set of them, small and delicate, resting on a shelf in my living room.


A few tiny sprigs of holly and mistletoe and I think it will make a fine Christmas decoration.

Happy Friday.


4 thoughts on “Artly Things

  1. I love the fox!
    And I think you’re right about the understated seasonal decorations.
    At 4am the Christmas Fairies poked holes in the clouds and a lovely,steady rain is my new music. Happy Christmas, Kim. xx

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