Pickles Rebels


I was thankful to receive two customer orders on Sunday and so I sat at the bench and worked with concentration and intention.

Pickles shredded a piece of paper towel in protest when it was time for her late afternoon walk.  Pickles never really learned the command, “WAIT”.

3 thoughts on “Pickles Rebels

  1. I’m convinced that dogs know exactly what they are doing. Miss Bette shreds things too. Toilet tissue, magazines, things Mark thought he wanted, and only when we leave the house. I think she is punishing us for leaving her alone. Of course she isn’t really alone, she’s with Chandler, the well behaved dog.

  2. She’s saying, “Whatever it is that’s been absorbing you this afternoon, it can’t possibly be as important as I am” Get a grip and take me walkies!!!”

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