How I Spent My Thanksgiving and Other Stories

It wasn’t like this:

AP and I found ourselves killing time while the dog was being groomed and we ended up in Costco, looking for some real excitement. We had a slice of pizza and in the Costco canteen and raised our paper cup of cola to each other and said, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

We snagged reservations to a local restaurant the following evening and said Happy Thanksgiving all over again.

On Saturday I found myself in London:
I meandered through the crooked streets on a warm November afternoon and made my way to Somerset House, a beautiful art and cultural centre on the River Thames. I would like to recommend this venue for anyone visiting London. You will find free or very inexpensive exhibits and absolutely delicious food in Tom’s Cafe.  I know this because I spent nearly three hours there with a friend, eating and talking the afternoon away.

I’ve had my fun.  I’m back at the studio this evening and will be working the next few days away.

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