It Was a Grey and Foggy Afternoon



I stopped the car and snapped this photo of the seafront on this very dreary day.

I spent some time at the studio this week but when my cold got the better of me, I decided to pack up and come home.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America.  My heart is a wee bit heavy this evening.

2 thoughts on “It Was a Grey and Foggy Afternoon

  1. Thanksgiving in the U.S., it’s a mixed bag. You like the family and friends coming around, but the work to make it all happen makes it not so much fun. Also, many stores are staying open on Thanksgiving and around a million employees of those stores will not get to have a holiday. This time of year you need holidays to take your mind off the dark evenings and cold weather.

  2. Aw honey. It’s your cold getting the better of you. And everyone over here that you hold dear will remember you when they’re thinking of the people for whom they are thankful. And Alan’s right…it’s a lot of work!

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