A Midweek Update


Finally. I moved all of my equipment and most of my supplies down to the studio. Don’t study this photo closely. My work space is in utter disarray. I have no storage or organisation and even as I write this my floor is cluttered with boxes and bags and beads and pieces of metal.


I’m preparing for the student Christmas show.

I will say this: I work much longer and harder now that I’m not sitting in a shed. It’s wonderful to be able to get up and make myself a cup of tea or to stretch my legs in the comfort of a big room. Pickles is happy to sleep on the sofa while I work, although she was upset by a lamp post that she could see through the window, swaying in the wind.

We went for an afternoon walk when I needed a break.


A large ferry, on its way to France, passed us by while we walked in the park. While I dreamed about going to France someday, Pickles merely sniffed the trees, shrubs and fenceposts.

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