When it’s Cold – And More on My Cat


I’ve woken up to frost the past few mornings and after these two have been fed there is a line up for the radiator space. Pickles likes to sit at the window and watch the traffic and Peri waits for her to leave so that she can take up that pleasant space where the heat rises up and warms her bottom.

I would also like to mention here that Peri was the one member of our household who gave me the warmest of welcomes when I returned from Belgium. Pickles and AP were, of course, happy to see me. But Peri! Oh my. She sashayed over to my feet and began her loud purring and circling. Then she sat on my lap and kneaded my stomach. Then she jumped onto the back of the sofa and poked her nose in my ear a few times and ran her paw through my hair. She returned to her bed only to come back and complete the welcome home routine all over again. I was truly honoured.


She is a sweet little girl. She keeps to herself.  She doesn’t like loud noises or any movement that disturbs her. She hates her nails clipped and  isn’t crazy about being picked up. She is offended by the dog. She also doesn’t care to be petted randomly. House guests are discouraged and she leaves the room immediately at the slightest hint of change or noise or a foreign voice or a door opening. She seems a little peeved if we disturb her for any reason and will only visit us personally for a few minutes a day.

And yet, I now know how Sally Field felt when she clutched the Oscar to her chest and wept tears of gratitude —

She loves me.  She really loves me.

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