A Guest Post From Carol

I want to thank each and every one of you who contributed for me and wish I could send each of you a special handwritten thank-you handmade card. I don’t even know who some of you are, but I am touched and honored to have been included in your generosity. It helps me so much to know that not only were you willing to give monetarily but that you also gave from your hearts. I really am beyond words in terms of my gratefulness.

But I have a few more words I’d like to share. Kim introduced my sister Mary, and I just wanted you to meet June (Kim has never met her either). June lives in Florida, and we don’t get to see each other much, but she also contributed to my fund and helped me at other difficult times in my life. She sends me so much love and support, in addition to warm, cuddly blankies (she even got one for my dog, Peanut, so she could have her very own), cards and emails of encouragement, and she’s been through her own battles with breast cancer (and won). Twice. She is strong and courageous, and I love her dearly. She listens to my complaints and offers her wisdom and experience, makes me laugh, and I always feel better after talking with her. She recently sent me two of the turbans she wore when going through her chemo many years ago. All washed and soft and comforting. I will wear them knowing they come from one of the best people I know. I honestly don’t know how I could have better sisters. Here are a few pics from the past.

Carol & June in healthier days:

Best vacation ever. Me, Mary and June:
Me, Mary, June. As you can see, my big sisters have been taking care of me for a long time. I look like I’m about to throw the ball at the photographer, but Mary is keeping an eye on me. June is the only one who really knew how to look good for the camera! I think that’s pretty true even today.

Bless each and every one of you good folks!

7 thoughts on “A Guest Post From Carol

  1. How…odd? serendipitous? Today I went to lunch with a friend who recently had a double mastectomy.Yes, we talked a bit about cancer, but mostly we had a jolly good catch-up and laughed. About all sorts of nonsense.
    And we thought of friends, still fighting and other friends,long gone. We are, as Carol is, living for the good times. Go get ’em!

  2. Sisters are great, I have seven. Glad to hear your financial situation has improved, now sit back and enjoy that chemo. (Try not to projectile vomit though.)

  3. Lovely, Alan! Ahem. Those turbans and blankies will keep you warm, too, until spring arrives with fresh buds and a new hairdo. Best wishes:)

  4. What sweet folks. And wonderful friends. So great to have support (not a pun) Sisters ARE great, Alan. And agree with the projectile vomiting. Yuck.

  5. Well, I had a comment here before but I guess I forgot to actually post it. Have zero idea now what I said then. Suffice it to say that I smile and laugh many times a day (and, to be fair, grouch a fair amount, too), try to keep up with my exercises, love having time to read, and enjoy with immense pleasure my friends and support from all you good folks. And no more nausea–well, a little nausea, to be honest, but no more vomiting! The chemo experts (thank you to my oncologist and nurses) knew just what to add to the mix to keep everyone safe, including me. The turbans are perfect for sleeping in, light and the perfect warmth. Best of luck to your friend, Dinahmow. Sounds like she’s lucky to have you and you her.

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