Sunday October 26 – Another Weekend Coming to a Close

Pickles likes to help me while I try to teach myself coptic bookbinding. It isn’t going very swimmingly.

A raven greeted us while we were on our afternoon walk.


I found some old art postcards that I made but never sent. Sometimes I’m surprised at what I find when I sort through old boxes.


It is late afternoon on Sunday but the clocks went back last night and so the sun is gone and it’s dark. Both cat and dog are massively confused about their feeding time because they don’t know how to tell time and they only know what the sky tells them…and their tummies. We will have a few days of adjustment and then things will fall into place.

4 thoughts on “Sunday October 26 – Another Weekend Coming to a Close

  1. Our time change is next weekend, and I’ve been making the dogs walk later and later than usual in preparation for the time change. Is a raven the same as a crow? Because I love crows, and the sound of a single crow on a quiet winter day.

  2. I need to be in that chair with Pickles in my lap. We would both help you. Love the post cards. And you.

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