Monday – Friday In Review


I had to go down to the studio this week to tie up some loose ends and — well — see for yourselves. There was more rain and wind. It was bleak. Pickles does not like the studio at all because there are no comfy cushions for her to rest on and she does not sleep well sharing a small portable blow up bed. Neither of us were very chipper the following day.

We had to drive back this way because the loose ends didn’t get tied up and my studio is actually still here and I had work to do.  So I’ve been working.

We went for a walk today in between afternoon rain showers.




And really…that is what’s happened this week! Work. Walks. Rain. And maybe a little bit of housekeeping, but only a little.

The leaves are turning colours and falling to the ground. It might be time to call the chimney sweep so that we can fire up the wood stove.

That is all.

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