Here I am on Sunday, October 12

It’s a grey and cold Sunday afternoon here in Southern England. There’s very little light in the sky. In fact, there are just overcast bleak sheets of cloud covering which makes everything look so dull and it makes me want to fold up inside.

I have taken Pickles out for her walk and she was happy to meet up with kindred souls of the dog world. She ran in circles with another spaniel and then made her way back to me with big ribbons of slobber hanging from her mouth. She doesn’t mind the grey sky at all.  Nor is she vain about her slobber.  She is just joyful and happy.  I jammed my hands back into my coat pockets and pulled my scarf around my neck and trudged on down the path — with my happy dog behind me.

I have been spending time working in my new studio space this week. There’s much work to be done in the flat and I started with washing floors, which Pickles did not enjoy at all:


She left me to my own devices and sat in the kitchen pantry all by herself to sulk in private:


The fundraiser for my dear friend, Carol, is going very well. I spoke with Carol this week just before her chemo appointment. She assured me that she really didn’t find shaving her head all that traumatic — that she kind of likes being shorn — and that it makes life so much easier. She has enough to worry about, she says, and not having hair is just one less hassle. She is just a love and has the best sense of humour. I am always reassured after speaking with her but somehow I think it’s supposed to be the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Here I am on Sunday, October 12

  1. It goes both ways, Kimi, dear. I was thrilled to hear your voice and was very reassured indeed. Amazing how these dogs don’t seem to let a grey day dampen their moods. Well, I think Lucy actually did. Unless she had her basketball. Maybe we should just find our own substitutes for a basketball and our moods would fly right through the grey days.

  2. I wish I could come help you clean your new studio space. I’m sorry not to. Those soul-sucking grey days. I think we have two coming. I have the dentist at 9am Monday … let’s see how things go after that.

  3. The ‘expression’ on Pickles’ face is priceless! Your studio space looks to be shaping up into a lovely, warm refuge among the mists. And I am sure your friendship holds the same sort of refuge for your dear friends, Carol in particular … Take care.

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