Well, That’s One Way to Look At It

Liz Tilberis, the former editor of British Vogue, who experienced chemotherapy famously said, “Once you’ve had chemotherapy,there’s no such thing as a bad hair day.”




after after2


What a woman!  Well done, Carol.

4 thoughts on “Well, That’s One Way to Look At It

  1. At the end of my chemo, I went to Florida (I was living in Chicago at the time) to visit three old friends. They met me at the airport, all with shaved heads to support me. For one of them it was difficult, because he wore a little hair piece to cover his bald spot and nobody had ever seen him without it. By the way, my hair grew back very curly. It has since straightened out again.

  2. Bravo, Carol, watch out Sinead O’Connor. I think you look pretty cool, and your smile looks wonderful. Sandy has found, yet another new artistry.

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