A Day at the Park


The Tattooed Women called me the other day and invited me to go along with them to watch the Detroit Tigers play…


After the game, on our way back to the car, we were discussing why baseball is considered such a symbol of American culture.   It is an individualistic sport yet teamwork is essential.  It is intellectual but not snobbish.  It is not won with brute force but with a cleverness and agility which makes it a beautiful sport to watch.  In the end, we tossed all of this aside because we couldn’t honestly say any of those qualities are typically American.  They can be typically any culture.

No…the tattooed women and I decided that baseball is just GREAT.  And it’s great because we can sit in a ball park on a sunny afternoon and schmooze with fellow baseball fans.  And when the home team smacks a good hit and the batter makes his way around the bases we can jump up and high-five each other and everyone around us…even the hot dog vendor.  Oh yes…the hot dogs. There’s that.  And beer.  There appears to be quite a bit of beer on tap in a ball park.  Julie, Cristy and I solved many personal and world problems during that game.  In between batters up and innings you would have seen us with our heads together, jawing away.  We talked to each other A LOT , all the while keeping our eye on the pitcher and the batter and the infield and the outfield.  We stood up and sang during the 7th inning stretch — we joked and laughed and talked and sang and ate and cheered.

And the sun was out.

And the Tigers won.

And that is why baseball is great.

Thank you, girlios.  You have the best ideas.


9 thoughts on “A Day at the Park

      1. The steam engine, the jet engine, television, radio, computer, antibotics to name but a few. In regards to sports: football (soccer), cricket, rugby, downhill skiing (as a sport), lawn tennis… I didn’t know about baseball! I thought that and basketball where original US sports…

  1. What a great meditation on baseball. Sounds like a great time, and I haven’t had a hot dog in too long. and, unlike movies, you can talk during it. Of course, the experience might have been different if it was raining and cold. Happy you are having a good time in Michigan!

    1. I can’t thank you and Julie enough for spending time with me while I was home. The ball game was just fantastic and I leave Flint with a full and grateful heart. XO

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