Saturday – The Farmer’s Market






Flint, Michigan is the birthplace of General Motors. It used to be a thriving city with a strong middle and working class but as jobs moved out of Flint and the factories declined, the city fell into utter disrepair. There are now long avenues of decrepit buildings and entire neighborhoods are boarded up and abandoned. It is usually very sad for me to drive around town and see what has become of my hometown but not so today, when I drove to the new Farmer’s Market in the downtown area of Flint. It was brimming with people of all ages and from all walks of life. There was music and art and beautiful farmer’s stalls which were filled with fruits and vegetables — all locally grown. The scent of fresh flowers mixed with the earthy smell of the vegetable stalls was divine. After struggling for so long when the factories were gutted, Flint is starting to find itself again and it does my heart good.

5 thoughts on “Saturday – The Farmer’s Market

  1. The difference between farmer’s markets in the U.S. and Europe is that in the U.S. they are more expensive than any store. They seem to be for people with money to burn. The exception is the Soulard Market in Saint Louis. It’s been there since 1779, and is a great farmer’s market. (BTW, have you ever met Michael Moore?)

    1. Yes I have met Michael Moore. In New York. When I went to the premier of Roger & Me and he was there. I introduced myself and we had a little chat about Flint.

  2. You should see the museum in Flint too. It will make you realise just how important the Flint GM strike was for the general prosperity of the USA and the western world – the best of the western world. Indeed it is a city with a fantastic heritage.

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