Time for This One To Go Home




I’m traveling today.  I’ll soon leave for the airport and make that long, tiresome trek through check-in and security.  

By tomorrow I will be back home with my mom where we will watch baseball in the evenings and treat ourselves to an occasional burger at the local diner.  There will be lovely fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market this time of year.  

Passport – check

Money – check

Credit cards – check

I’m wearing yoga pants and a long tunic for traveling.  Thank you, Cristy, for that very sensible tip.  Why did I ever wear blue jeans on a plane?  How absurd.

I’m off.






5 thoughts on “Time for This One To Go Home

  1. Travel safe and have the best possible time. I can’t do that homelands security ‘stuff’ anymore, I hope they were kind to you xx

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