Clouds From Both Sides Now

As I said…summer is drawing to a close and I can see it every day.
England has fantastic clouds.  The winds come in over the North Atlantic full of moisture and form these beautiful, sweeping cumulous vapours.

The farmers are starting to bale the hay. I stopped the car on a very narrow road to take a photo of the field in the afternoon sunshine.  As I had just met a client I was — once again — in a dress and black heels tip-tapping  down the road to try and catch a photo of a field.

I feel that my days are passing by at warp speed. The new property, a few customer orders and an upcoming trip to the United States has given me quite a bit to chew on this past week.

However, on the whole, all is well.


3 thoughts on “Clouds From Both Sides Now

  1. We have had the heating on here in Belgium 😦 I love that you climb out of your car, beautifully dressed, to tip-tap off on a photography mission. One day, we will hang out … cameras and us, in either Genova or your world. Meanwhile, loved this.

  2. When in Ireland, I saw many fields of rolls of hay. They reminded me of Van Gogh paintings. Nice pics! Oh, and also when I was there, I thought about how beautiful the clouds are in Ireland. And even at night. I have seen some spectacular clouds at night in the Erin Isle.

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