The End of the Week

It was my birthday this week. Trust me when I say…no biggie. I used to place a lot of emphasis on my birthday. It was all about ME. And what could be more fascinating?

Turns out… a lot.

And also. I feel that we are all heading in one direction anyway. We are marching along towards the end of our lives and so every day is a blessing. A gift. Birthdays are nice but they are just another day in a procession of days and they are all to be celebrated, if possible.  Life is so very short and I’m sorry if that’s a cliche but there you have it.  

Having said all of that — I had a small birthday dinner with friends and then as a special treat, AP and I jumped on the train and headed off to Belgium to spend some time with this amazing person and her family.


Di is a blogging friend and we met for the first time this week. Another blessing. She opened her home to AP and me. She and her husband welcomed us…fed us…shared their stories with us and they listened to our stories. And then we proceeded to set the world to rights around the dining room table, late into the evening.  Oh it was grand.  I love passionate people.

We’re back now.  I’ve had some work to do.  There was a special order ring for a customer and I had to battle with that ring.  For some reason I wrestled with it longer than I normally do but in the end, I won.  The order has been posted.  Today I was able to take a walk with Pickles in the afternoon, just before the rain set in.


It’s Friday. May we take a few moments to celebrate.

3 thoughts on “The End of the Week

  1. Well, a tad late, but the “happy day” wishes may be applied toa ll your days. I no longer set much store by my own annual marker.
    The meeting with Di sounds wonderful.Blogging can bring so much!:-)

    Have to get the car from its little stay in car hospital…it’s a shame the National Medicare doesn’t cover cars!

  2. Oh you … thank you! It was so good to finally catch up in ‘real’ life. Turns out we’re just the same really. I haven’t been allowed to leave comments here using that wordpress account. I keep losing them … will try with facebook. But anyway, can’t wait until next time … xxx

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