Nine Hours

“You can call it a store, but it’s a shop.”

“It’s NOT BURTHday — it’s BAHTHday”

“It’s not a shopping cart. It’s a trolley.”
“You didn’t roll my sleeve up right!”

“You put too much jam on my toast.”
“Hey! You took all the jam off my toast!”


“It’s not a parking lot.  It’s a car park.”

We do not pay teachers nearly enough money.  Can you imagine a whole classroom of four year olds?

Rockyann will be taking a loooooong nap later.

8 thoughts on “Nine Hours

  1. My student teaching assignment was a first and second grade split. Constant corrections from urchins standing way down by my ankles. The longest 9 weeks of my life, they were.

    1. …paved paradise and put in a car park — funny woman. Yeah. Sophia is a riot. As soon as I get a good night’s sleep I’ll report more on adventures with my friend.

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