Angels and Mercy

Sam Baker wrote the song, Angels, after he was almost fatally wounded in a terrorist attack in Peru. In an interview he stated that the “Angels” he refers to were all the people who came to his aid when he was nearly dead. Peruvian citizens lined up to donate blood and emergency staff worked tirelessly to save him. His American friends and family supported him fully when he was finally able to return to the US for rehabilitation.

These words are especially meaningful to me as I watch the events in Gaza unfold daily.

“Call a truce
Call a war
Everyone is a bastard
Everyone is a whore
Everone is a saint
Everyone is redeemed
Everyone is at the mercy of another man’s dream.

“Love and Angels conquer all – her healing Angels softly call AMEN”

I’m prayin’ for more angels. Many more. Angels who have enough courage to speak out against brutality and racism and hate. Angels who have the courage and strength to change discourse and national policy so that there is less killing and more understanding. It’s going to take a whole lot of angels for that.

2 thoughts on “Angels and Mercy

  1. Too many minds have been poisoned by media and government propaganda. Both here in the U.S. and in Israel/Palestine. The amount of venom and hatred that you encounter when trying to have an intellectual conversation about that place takes my breath away. The angels voices have been drowned out.

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