It all started with her: My cat, Pearl. She’s the one that inspired my first blog back in 2005 and boy did we have fun! Some may think that I wrote Pearl’s blog but in reality, Pearl told me what to write. Do you think that’s too airy-fairy to believe? Well, she most certainly let her feelings be known and I just translated them into the blog, Feline Fine, and it was through that blog that I met so many creative, talented and wonderful people from all corners of the world.  Pearl had a big following.


Three years ago today I decided to write a personal blog, hesitant though I was. My cat had many adventures and hilarious moments. Me? Not so much.

Yet.  I continue to blog.  I feel compelled to do it. I love the practice  of writing regularly.  It makes me pay closer attention to my life and my thoughts.  Often it adds clarity and I figure out what I’m actually thinking and feeling as I write.  Finally… I  have a big mouth and I just want to have a place where I can say it and get it off my chest.

So — Happy Blogaversary to me and THANK YOU for reading my blog.  I truly appreciate your comments and your readership.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blogs with me.  Let us all continue. I mean…everyone’s got something to say! Right? X O.


11 thoughts on “Blogaversary

  1. So much enjoy your blog Kim – always entertaining and your writing style is charming! Also love the photos. Keep it up!

  2. I only caught Pearl’s blog towards the end, but it was entertaining. Your personal blog has more. Animals, small and large children, and your lovely holidays. It’s a great hobby.

  3. I met you first ,on-line,through Pearl, then in reality, in London. And I still follow Dragonlane.
    I also still have my blog, though it does seem to be fallow at the moment!
    Happy blogiversary,Rockyann!

  4. I love your blog and it makes me smile because you write how you talk – from the heart and with true passion and spirit. We don’t see each other as much anymore because of where we now live, but you come alive to me when I read your blog, thank you xxx

  5. Happy Blogiversary. I kind of did a double-take when I saw your photograph, upon realising that ‘oh wait, I haven’t actually met her, it just seems like I have’. Well done with the keeping on blogging xx

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