High Noon – July in England



We are having such incredible summer weather — hot summer days where everything seems motionless.  A few well placed oscillating fans hum and whir in the lounge.  I’ve forbade anyone from turning on the oven for any reason.  All meals are cooked on the stove top or else they are just simple salads.

I go swimming in the afternoons…

Pickles and Peri lay quietly on the leather sofas because the leather feels cool.  (In the winter they only lay on the leather if blankets are placed on the cushions.)

When I was a kid, growing up in Michigan, this is exactly what summer days were like.  We had no air conditioning.  We had only open windows and fans and cool baths to relieve us from the heat.

I wore seersucker shorts and tops.  My mom would squirt us with the garden hose while we ran back and forth across the lawn.

Well… that last part doesn’t happen here.  I don’t wear seersucker and I certainly will not be running across our lawn while AP turns the hose on me., which he would ONLY do if we had an argument in the garden.






8 thoughts on “High Noon – July in England

    1. Oh yes… Florida is just horrible. I have a good friend who grew up in Florida before AC and she has told me that all they could do was sit and stare into space in the summer.

  1. I think Alan would understand my moods in summer… And, please, next time I’m in England, could you pick a small fight with Andy? I so want to see you running about in seersucker(god! only our generation knows what it is/was!) and being squirted…
    (This morning winter returned and I’ve had to get the hot water bottle out of the cupboard…)

  2. Yep. Yep … summers in Ohio, running through the sprinkler then struggling with the wet cotton clothes. The Huge window fan that looked like the front of a jet engine cooling us off at night … sleeping at the foot of the bed to get the best effect. Ooh, and ginger ale. Buckeye summers ;0 We’ve had a spate of mildness here in GA so our a/c’s been off for a couple of days. Weird.

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