Tea Cups

There’s this:
And then there’s this:

I would love to see garden birds eating or drinking from a little smattering of china tea cups.  I wonder how my neighbours would feel about a tea service lining the top of our garden fence?  I can’t imagine they would care but one must think of such things here in England, where space is limited and gardens are close together.

If bird feeders aren’t your thing, there’s always this:





4 thoughts on “Tea Cups

  1. I wish you were my neighbor. Tea service for the birds sounds great. At least you have a fence. My neighbor has allowed the fence between us (on her property) to literally fall down. It has been propped back up with boards now, but I’ll have to at least replace the stretch that runs along my swimming pool if she doesn’t want to replace the whole thing.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the blue jay on the tea cup with the lavender in the background. Need to frame that one!

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