Cat Lady Post


As I write this post, Peri is sitting in her high-up cat bed, watching me from across the room through squinting green eyes.
She cleans herself intermittently and then stops, looks as me again, and carries on.

She’s so different from my former kitty cats, now long gone, Pearl and Pumpkin.

Pearl and Pumpkin followed me about the house and wherever I landed, they landed also. They sat next to me, on me, and sometimes I think they would have sat inside of me if they could. Their eyes looked at me and with slow blinks they said, “Oh how I love you, Food Lady. You are the most wonderful Food Lady. Can we have some food, now please?”

I adopted Pearl and Pumpkin when they were a mere 7 weeks old and so other than the New York City parking lot where they were found, they knew no other home.

Peri, on the other hand, lived in a chaotic house full of several cats, dogs and humans. She was about 6 or 7 years old when she came to live with us.

She is very much like my 18 year old step son. She comes downstairs for meals but otherwise, can be found in the bedroom, resting and isolating from others. She is suspicious of people but not overly freaked out by them. She just stomps away if anyone bothers her.

When she interacts with me she purrs loudly and gives me a few head butts but I feel that she says, “Hello Food Lady. Can I have my food please? Thanks a mil.”

And how do I respond to her? Well… I fluff up her cat bed and remove any extraneous cat hair, I buy her her favourite cat food which is also the most expensive, and I follow her around the house shaking the Dreamies cat treat bag and calling her name just to get a little purr and a head butt. And then I grab her and kiss her face which makes her run to the bedroom.

And for any cat-lovers who are reading this blog, I’ll bet you’re thinking, “yeah…that sounds about right.”

7 thoughts on “Cat Lady Post

  1. You never know. I have adopted both kittens and older cats. They all seemed to want to sit on me, next to me, near me. All except one, and she was found in the parking lot of a seafood restaurant. Maybe she thought I had kidnapped her from the best place any cat could live.

  2. Kim she is beautiful! I am sure you do all the right things to/for her and even if not showing it, the love goes both ways πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Peri is beautiful … so is your new ‘banner.’ Our beloved tabby, Mardi, used to follow us around – he had a different ‘style’ for each family member, too! Love it.

    1. Thank you for your comment on the banner. I’ve been working on it and my Etsy button all afternoon and I finally got it up without cropping half the graphics off. Me not too smart with the technology.

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