Our Guys in Brazil


Last night I strolled through Facebook and my friend Di Mackey, who lives in Belgium, requested support for the Belgian football team and without batting an eye I pledged my support.  Hand on heart.

Within a few clicks of Facebook I soon realised that Belgium was playing the USA that evening.  What a kerfluffle!  I had to write a quick retraction to Di and in my defense I stated that, ” there’s a part of my heart that’s with the USA because they’re trying so hard to bring soccer (football) to the US as a major sport and also, really… have you seen their dreadlocks and tats? I just love ’em.”

Well.  They played their hearts out and I don’t care that they lost.  They did us proud.

And this morning over my first cup of coffee I stumbled upon this photo collection (via Di) of the Belgian Football Team:

10342771_10204665888911095_5939310238081511919_n( by photographer, Stephan Vanfleteren)

Oh my.

When asked to comment upon this collection of very stunning photographs I immediately began searching for the American World Cup team and I came up with this:


Really, guys? Really?

Could someone puhleeze do a black and white photo montage of our guys to rival the Red Devils? Middle aged ladies would like to know.


9 thoughts on “Our Guys in Brazil

  1. Oh, Zusi knocks it out of the park compared to the Belgium team. As a matter of fact, I was least impressed with the sexiness of the Belgium team out of all the teams so far that I’ve watched! I’ll have to find a photo of Zusi!

  2. Have been enjoying all your blogs but this one is priceless. Keep up the good work Kim. Happy 4th for tomorrow Kathie

  3. I, too, was in a kerfuffle about the game. We may not have been victorious, but soccer IS gaining a foothold (pardon the pun) here in the US and I am very glad. It can be heart-stopping sometimes, no? And I agree whole-heartedly that the US team needs some awesome portrait photographer to snap ’em in b&w … ;0

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