Sea Dogs

These are the dogs of Dragonlane. They live with our friend, Sue, in the heart of Devon — on Dragonlane — down the road from the Green Dragon Pub.

We met up for an afternoon of eating delicious food and walking on the beach while in North Devon.  What a perfect day it was.



There was a little rough and tumble, all in good fun.
DSC_0042 DSC_0041

The following day we went on a wildlife sea safari with these dogs.  Maggie wanted to see out of the window.  She didn’t want to miss any seal or dolphin sightings.

Pepper didn’t want to sit on the floor and so she rode in the baby pram.

And Louie was just happy to sleep in the sun, blissfully unaware of the hullabaloo going on around him.


We left Pickles at the dog spa…a.k.a. Diana’s house.  She was hand fed roast chicken, given unlimited dog treats, and she got to sleep with her boyfriend, Sam.

We’re home now and our quick trip to Devon is but a distant memory.  It’s back to work today.


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