Monday Random Post

IMG_5979 DSC_0001

Summer is here.

Not complaining.

Last week when the postman delivered yet another batch of comic books to my house I explained the current comic book fixation that’s overtaken AP, and I suggested that he might “lose” the packages in the mail from now on. However, our postman is nothing but professional and when I opened the front door today he smiled broadly as he handed me a brown envelope — about 9×11 — and roughly 1/2 inch thick. I rolled my eyes and signed the delivery book.

Wishing you good days ahead.

3 thoughts on “Monday Random Post

  1. As guilty pleasures go – I don’t think you need fret too much Kim. It could be a lot worse than comic books in fact – I bet that’s what’s going through postie’s head!

  2. Y’know, this might sound a bit odd, but given that I’ve been through the teen years with two boys and my husband has bought a game console, I think I’d take comic books over video games. Love the poppy ;0

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