A Little Post for Thurs.

Somebody help me.

AP is flying his geeky dorkdom flag and every day another batch of “must have” comic books arrive in the mail.


It is leftover trauma from when AP’s mum accidentally threw out a whole box of his favourite comics after he went to university many years ago.


Pickles and I took a walk through Farnham this afternoon because the sun came out and it was just too beautiful to stay in the house today.  We stopped in a local art gallery and I got a much-needed creative fix.

Finally, the photo below is of me and one of my dearest friends, Carol.  This was taken when I visited her last summer out at her lake house.  Carol underwent a rather dramatic surgery yesterday and I was jittery and unsettled all day.  Late into the evening I got the email I was waiting for…that she was out of surgery and that it went well.  It was reported that she was sitting up in bed, smiling.  Early this morning while going through the news feed I was very surprised to see an email pop up from Carol. It said, “Hey Kim!  I survived!”  And so you did, Carol.  Well done my brave friend.


Happy Thursday.


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