Sunday Evening Post



Rockyann got a new camera and the sun came out today. New camera + sun = photos. They’re nothing spectacular but it was my first chance to use the camera and so while we walked Pickles in a nearby park, I played a bit.


And this little girl.

She was in her cat bed resting when she made eye contact with me as I was writing emails. She sauntered over to me and leapt onto my lap where she carefully sunk her toenails into my sweater and then pulled away in one movement and put two snags in one of my many black tops.

Then she sat on the window sill while a giant fly buzzed around her head.  I reminded her that if Pearl were here, she would have killed that fly by now.  Peri reminded me that she does not care one whit about what Pearl did or didn’t do, and that she doesn’t kill flies.  Or mice.  And then she wanted her dinner,  which I gave her immediately.







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