Rescue Me


Another photo of the lavender that grows in our garden. It’s the same photo that I used a year ago. I dare not publish a new photo of our garden. And why?

Because it is unlovely.

AP and I agreed to work in the garden today as it was sunny and warm and we felt well-rested.

The end result?

No mowed grass.
Few pulled weeds.
Moving a pile of old wood from one side of the house to another.
Moving some tarpaulin from one side of the house to the dust bin.
One argument.
One agreement to hire someone to help us.
And then a nice cup of tea and a sit-down.

5 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. This struck some familiar chords Kim? Why is that gardening is such a chore to some and such a joy and pleasure to others? Oh well!

    1. Oh Lordy. It’s a mystery to me. I’m wondering if I should put paving slabs back there and call it a day. But no. Pickles would not like that.

    1. You may not be surprised to know that I thought of you while out there. I thought you might be a wee bit disappointed that my gardening skills have not progressed very much.

  2. I finally gave up and hired a garden helper four months ago. He comes once a month to do the difficult stuff. He’s a very hard worker, very good at what he does, and he is inexpensive. My garden has never looked so good. I love that man. Keep that agreement to hire someone.

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