The Kids are Alright

I am getting so soppy. I watched this video of two young men (brothers) who were invited to join Bruce Springsteen on stage in Houston. They sang, “No Surrender”, which is one of my favourite songs. It speaks of youth, coming of age, longing, following dreams, and growing old. I loved watching these two guys sing and dance on stage with Springsteen, who is and always will be THE BOSS. My eyes leaked a bit and I had a little sniffle over it.

3 thoughts on “The Kids are Alright

  1. All the Rolling Stones concerts I’ve gone to and all the money I’ve spent on dozens of Rolling Stones albums, Mick Jagger never invited me on stage.

  2. We saw THE BOSS last month. He invited his daughter on stage to dance with him. She’s graduating from Duke this month. Then he invited two little girls to sing Waiting on a Sunny Day. My favorite part was when he went into the audience and crowd surfed. He sure looked like he was having as much fun as we were!

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