You Say Tomato and I Say Toe-Mah-Toe

Grey, grey, rain, rain, drizzle and cold. That is the weather outside my window.

And also — I had a visitor today.


We got into an argument over how to properly say “TOMATO” with a British accent. She corrected me harshly. I opened my mouth to say, “oh yeah? Well at least I don’t pronounce THREE as FREE” but then I remembered that she is 3.5 and I am fifty-four.

I closed my mouth and accepted her criticism.  But I didn’t let her win when we played Dinky Dinosaurs.


2 thoughts on “You Say Tomato and I Say Toe-Mah-Toe

  1. i am very glad that you restrained your self with criticism regarding the pronunciation of the word three….probably something to do with the fact that she has some milk teeth and some grown up teeth ;o) I am also very pleased that you used your superior skills to win DD….you go Girl :o) xxx

  2. So funny Kim! I’m glad you were able to swallow your pride and didn’t try to get your own back. You might have given her a complex!

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