Nothing is more bleak than an English seaside town on a rainy day.

I’ve made my way southward towards the coast for a little wandering, as my friend, Di, calls it. I have come to a small hotel by my own self and have been driving around the Purbeck Penninsula, walking a few coastal paths and stopping to visit coastal towns along the way.



I am in a small room, in a very quaint B&B and I’ve made it my home for the next few days. I have a book. I have a stitching project. I have a writing journal. And in the evenings, I leave my pokey little room and make my way up to the big, fabulous Grand Hotel on the cliff top for a simple dinner and I sit at a table near the big window over looking the sea. They even put the American flag out for me.



It’s good to have adventures.

10 thoughts on “Dorset

  1. I used to do that. Once had to drive a total of five hundred miles because I hadn’t reserved a room anywhere and I had forgotten that it was a holiday. Still, it’s lots of fun to just roam.

  2. Yes, nice roam. And the skies over there are so spectacular, even cloudy. Like Ireland. I woke up one night in Ireland and saw a sky that was out of this world. I wanted to paint it, but sleep called. Enjoy yourself.

  3. I was just thinking: “good for her! she’s off on her own for an adventure.I wish I was!”
    And then the little wild child in my head reminded me that I keep going off on my own, too!
    Can it really be two years ago that we met? 🙂

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