And So On

Well let’s see.

Life stuff has blasted me into high gear this week.  Perhaps it’s the spring weather but I received four special orders from customers and so I’ve been measuring, cutting, soldering and polishing silver jewellery in my shed.

And I’ve been keeping company with my good friend, Sophia, who helped me walk Pickles on this foggy, wet morning.



Later this the afternoon we were scheduled to collect my step-son from school and when I gave Sophia a heads up about needing to jump into the car, she promptly fell into the dog’s water dish and soaked her trousers and socks, and my floor. No problem. One pair of boy boxer shorts and one pair of middle aged lady socks and we were good to go:

IMG_5301By the time we got home her wet clothes were dried in the tumble dryer and we got to visit the former school headmistress, Diana, whom Sophia has proclaimed is more fun than I.
And lest you think that I am crushed by Sophia’s proclamation, I am not.


I understand that anything new and different is almost always better. And I also understand that Diana, actually, is more fun than I. 🙂
It’s all good.

5 thoughts on “And So On

  1. For the little ones, perhaps. But you … you make me smile oftentimes. Maybe you’re more especially for the grown-ups, with sidetrips into the lives of fortunate children. We’ll have Miss 9 let you know when we all get together 🙂

  2. More fun than you? After you fixed her up with that forward looking big boy boxers and sassy socks, she should love you. I see that as the next big look among the tween set. Sophia is ahead of her time.

  3. You’re loadsa fun Kimi! I’m still chuckling after our walk (and chat!) along the canal last week! 😊

  4. This is definitely smile-inducing;0 Good news about the jewelry orders and Sophia is always a delight and, I agree, is ahead of her time. The insouciance children add to life is amazing, eh?

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