The First Day of Gardening 2014



Me:  Look at these weeds.  They have little bulbs on the end.

AP:  Oh — those are probably daffodils that didn’t bloom.

Me:  Oh no!! I’ve just pulled out about four of them.

Me:  Are these weeds?  They look like a plant of some sort.

AP:  Those are weeds.

Me:  Ewwwww.  Bugs!  Are we supposed to dig up all those dandelions, too?!

I can only imagine what the neighbours think of me as we attempt a spring clean up of our garden. Our neighbours have lovely gardens that are manicured and clean.  No wonder they are reluctant to accept Christmas cookies from me.

As a famous comic once said, “I am two with nature.”





7 thoughts on “The First Day of Gardening 2014

  1. I would love to come and help you! If you really want to get rid of your dandelions, don’t try to pull or dig them.Instead, get a sharp long (narrow) blade knife and slide it, at a slight angle, cutting through the tap root.Much better than lots of little holes in the lawn.

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