My Day on March 16


Would you look at that sky? There was sunshine in England all day long.  The trees are budding (as you can see) — daffodils are out.  Soon it will be time for me to plant some posies in my patio pots and if I’m lucky…maybe a few along the edges of my garden wall.  Hollyhocks?  Maybe?

I awoke at 5:30 and I was all vim and vigour after I drank a strong cup of coffee.


And then I went treasure hunting at a local flea market.

When I came home I spent a few hours trying to configure something in my shedio —

And then I ran out of steam.  Just like that.  There is no use fighting it.

I took to my sofa.  I’ve been reading this book all afternoon.  What a gift to lay on the sofa with a dog and a cat and read a good book with the sun streaming in through the window.


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