On Friendships and Blogging


I took Team Julie to the airport this morning and it was with a heavy heart that I drove away and left them standing on the curb with their suitcases and camera bags.  I am always blue when I say goodbye to friends and family, particularly when our time together has been so full and complete.

When Julie was diagnosed a few years ago…


It was a hideous time.  I think we can all agree on that.

Some of my dear friends in England, who have supported me and lifted me up when I so badly needed a helping hand, reached out to Julie and her family at that time and through blogging and the internet, got to “know” Team Julie.

Since then, it was a little dream of mine that Julie, Redrokit and brother Bill might be able to “pop over to England” and pay us a visit so that they could see my little corner of the world and meet a few of the people who have meant so very much to me over the years and who have come to know Team Julie.

My dream came true.

I said we’d get up to no good and we tried our best — for middle aged people, that is.
First stop: Debbie and Andrew, who are just about the sweetest people we know.

There was some bellying up to the bar to test the British ale on tap.


And a lot of talking over dinner.
Just a bunch of friends getting together to meet up, share a meal, talk, laugh, connect.  Thank you Debbie and Andrew.  I love you.

Next stop: Diana and Steve.  We ate and talked and laughed until rather late into the night.  Diana and Steve lovingly embraced us all.  We were fretted over and waited upon and — oh the stories they told!  We were still laughing about it the next morning.  Thank you, Diana and Steve.  I love you.


(Julie with Sam and Pickles)

Redrokit and me.  We have known each other since we were 17.

Thank you, Team Julie. Thank you for coming to England and getting up to no good with me. I love you.

5 thoughts on “On Friendships and Blogging

  1. What a lovely post. We love you guys very much too and just had the bestest time with team Julie. I have been thinking of team Julie today, flying back across the Atlantic to the cold and snow! I feel privileged to have met them, thank you Kim. Xxxx

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