Mid February Comings and Goings


My goodness. What’s that big light ball in the sky? I had to put on my sunglasses this afternoon.


We had high winds over the weekend and lots of rain.  There were power cuts and floods in our area but we did not suffer any damages.  When I saw the sun come out today, I took my poor little dog out for a walk in the fields, even though they were saturated and muddy.  She has missed her long walks wherein she smells every single fence post and meets and greets her own kind with a waggy tail and an invitation to give chase.

She has now had a bath and is resting quietly on her pillow while the space heater keeps her warm and dries her fur.

There is a big suitcase laid out on the office floor and inside are a few of my clothes, some books and some biscuits for my mother. I’m going home tomorrow. I’m leaving the land of sideways rain and going to the land of blizzards and wind chill factors.  No matter.  I want to see my mom.

Pickles will stay at chez Diana while I’m away.  She is fed roasted chicken and tended to beyond belief at Diana’s house, which is why I never worry about her and, frankly, I don’t think Pickles gives me another thought as soon as she walks through the door of Diana’s house.

Peri will be cared for by AP.

Peri is very independent but even so, I gave AP a long list of  DO’s and DON’Ts this morning, one of them being not to stroke her beyond the meridian line between her shoulder blades and her middle-back.  She hates that.  The other instruction was not to feed her the dog food.  Then I pointed out the photo of the DOG on the dog food and the photo of the CAT on the cat food and reminded AP of the difference.  At that point he reminded me that I need not be so condescending.  This caused me to drop my jaw.  “What?  Me?!”

Oh perhaps he was right.  Apologies to AP.  However, accidentally giving Peri dog food has been known to happen and, well, she doesn’t like that, either.

I’m off tomorrow.  I’ll write again from the other side!



5 thoughts on “Mid February Comings and Goings

  1. Two girls are waiting for you over here Rockyann. In our winter coats. Our scarves. And our great big boots. But I think it’s supposed to rain later in the week…

  2. Love your photographs, specially the pond. Travel safe, have a most marvelous time, and I did laugh about cat food versus dog food 🙂

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