E- Woman and I’m always the Last to Know

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with an acquaintance who happens to own her own cleaning company.

She is an elegant woman, always perfectly coiffed. She is soft-spoken and meticulous and successful.  I admire her greatly.

I deliberately picked her brain about the cleaning of houses because — and I do hesitate to write about this on my personal blog — but my housekeeping skills


So — I asked K about how she goes about training her staff for properly cleaning a bathroom (for instance) and she did not hesitate to tell me her pet peeve: People do not wipe shampoo and toiletry bottles off after wiping down the shower.

“I mean, WHAT IS THE POINT in cleaning your bathtub and then not even bothering to wipe down the bottles that surround the edge of the tub?” K railed.

“Oh I KNOW” I said.

“And another thing,” she said, “why bother to wipe down your stove top if you don’t buff it afterwards?”

“Absolutely!” I chimed.

When I got home I had to ask another friend what buffing was.

Never-the-less, K gave me a piece of information about cleaning that I am now passing on right here on my blog — the e-cloth.

Oh my.

These little gems can be found in your grocery store.  They are made of hundreds, possibly thousands of microfibres that just grab and hold onto all of the little particles, dirt, grease, soap scum and any other tiny bits that might unknowingly fall on your counters or fridge doors or shower handles.  With one fell swoop your cupboard doors will sparkle.  Your stove top with shine.  Every fingerprint will disappear.  I bought a collection and I use my e-cloth every day.

Last week I was at a dinner party and for some reason I thought this would be fascinating dinner conversation so I told the story of the e-cloth.

“Oh yeah” said the dinner guests.  “The e-cloth.  Yeah.  They’re great.”

I’m the last to know.

But just in time because I’m having company in a few weeks!  And I’m going e-cloth crazy right now.


P.S. – I’m buying an e-mop, too.  No kidding.  I never thought I’d be so excited about cleaning.






15 thoughts on “E- Woman and I’m always the Last to Know

  1. I almost choked on my pasta. I know your technique … same as mine. The e-cloth sounds too good to be true but I shall check it out. It sounds perfect. I experience perpetual guilt about my housekeeping … THANK YOU.

  2. Oh honey, we are coming for the COMPANY! So, stop with the worry. But, of course, I’m totally checking out that e-cloth thing. And I’m sure Julie will too…

  3. Mark actually tells my family that the reason he is always so happy when they visit, is because it’s the only time I clean the house. Now, about that e-cloth, I have no idea what the hell that is.

    1. Well – no excuses now. You’ve read about it here. You still don’t have to clean until you have company but the e-cloth will make it so much more gratifying.

  4. “When I got home I had to ask another friend what buffing was.” … Priceless. ;-0 Until you, my dear, I had never heard of an e-cloth! I’m wondering, though, if it’s the same as the little ‘cloth’ square I use to clean my specs? If so, yes – very cool.

    1. I think it is the same thing because my friend, Debbie, uses e-cloths and she has one of those squares for her glasses too. If it’s not the same then it’s very similar. It’s those microfibres that seem to do the trick. (But I’m probably never going to buff my stove top anyway.)

      1. Oh, thank you, thank you. I am still chuckling over this post and that is a very nice feeling considering that there is another storm headed our way and my head is fuzzy with congestion. Thank you very much, also, for following me. I’ll do what I can to see if I can make you chuckle sometime!

  5. Well if I am unable find one here in the US you better believe I’m making one my take home souvenir from our trip!!
    Isn’t strange that you can make a cleaning tip the center of a blog and get this many responses from it?
    What’s wrong with us?!
    Maybe I shouldn’t venture to ask that question. 🙂

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