Got the Fever – Oh I Got the Fever…


Those are words to a song performed by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. It also describes me since yesterday.

I have been (mostly) in bed, calling AP upstairs every now and then to check my forehead for a temperature and each time he tells me that I am feverish, which I already know because I’m shivering and achy.

Oh dear.  I do not want to be one of those embarrassing people who bangs on about their lurgies and  bugs.  Let me leave you with a  list some of the random thoughts that I’ve had this morning while in bed, sipping a cup of tea which is sure to speed my recovery.

1. I have just discovered that the USA Food Channel is broadcast via our cable package and I’ve been watching The Barefoot Contessa all morning. There is something so comforting about watching this program but it makes me homesick.

2. I am so very happy that I bought a Soda Stream and would like to encourage everyone who drinks soda pop to buy one and use it instead of continuing to buy plastic bottle after plastic bottle of soda. I have probably cut down my carbon footprint by several thousand just because I use my soda stream to make lemonade (Sprite in the US). I also never run out of fizzy water, which I prefer to drink rather than still water.  (I don’t even know if “several thousand” is the right use of words for carbon footprint reduction.)

3. AP and I watched a documentary called “Vegucated” and we have begun to discuss the possibility of going all-out vegetarian. If you do not want to consider becoming a vegetarian, then do not watch documentaries about how your food is processed.  We have eaten very little meat this week.


And now — The Fever sung by Southside Johnny



6 thoughts on “Got the Fever – Oh I Got the Fever…

  1. Sorry you are under the weather ;( The food documentaries … yes, I know. And Southside Johnny!!! I remember them from college days … “Talk to me, I’m tremblin’ all over, talk to me.” Wow.

  2. As for watching how your food is made, my grandfather worked in the Chicago Stock Yards for forty years. We learned at an early age where that hamburger came from. And now I will give you my very best medical advice, the advice I give everybody when they tell me they are sick, take a slug of Nyquil, although I am told it is not available in the UK. So other than Nyquil, just hope you get well soon.

    1. We have Night Nurse and it does exactly the same thing as Nyquil. That is, it knocks me out cold and dries up my sinuses and I sleep like a baby. I’ll line up my shot for this evening.

  3. Ohhh, get well soon! You poor wee bunny. We’re nursing various ailments, wondering if the flu is in the house but hoping not xo

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