The Sea – The Chickens – And Some Old Chairs


A wintery day on the south coast. A lonely beach with boats scattered on the mud flats.

We made a trip to Whitestone Farm and walked away with some beautiful antique dining room chairs — and some of Carey’s chicken’s free range eggs — plus one goose egg.  We were amazed.



Today we made a giant frittata out of said eggs and it was gob-smackingly good. I can attest that Carey’s chickens (and ducks and geese) are very happy birds, indeed, as they have a large plot of land on which to roam and now that the winter has been so wet, they have a big pond in the middle of their yard. I understand that the ducks and geese take turns in the pond, each having a time-out while the other group has a swim.

And the taste of their eggs tells the whole story of well-kept, contented birds.

3 thoughts on “The Sea – The Chickens – And Some Old Chairs

  1. I love the new banner.
    We can’t buy eggs from a farm. No farms with free range chickens anywhere near here. What we get are enslaved, thin shelled eggs. Bland.

    1. Thanks, Alan… that photo is actually the real Dragon Lane in Devon. One of my favourite places. And too bad about the eggs because the taste of real free range eggs is amazing.

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