Sunday Before Monday


Mid winter rolls on.

We don’t have much to report from Dragonlane on these cold winter days. I am now juggling about three jobs — all smatterings of work here and there but it keeps me busy and it keeps us in dog biscuits and cat fudz.  And when I’m not working I find myself  in bed with a book and these two.


Every now and then Peri looks at the dog and then at me as if to say, “so…when is she going to the kennel, then?” Still, she sits with us with confidence and conviviality.

I found a copy of Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s resolutions and I wanted to post them for you to read. They are the best type of resolutions and I believe that this is truly the way to go about setting goals and celebrating ourselves.  This really made me smile.


One thought on “Sunday Before Monday

  1. Good New Years resolutions. Especially number 5. I didn’t take a show until 2 in the afternoon today, but at least I did it. BTW, that is a very nice bed you have for your pets.

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