The View from the Window

Ohhhhh Lordy.

AP installed an insulated curtain at the back door and I foolishly thought it would stop Pickles from pursuing me while I work in the shed. But no. She sat at the back door for no less than 25 minutes, just like this, while I tried to work on some settings. The back door faces the window in my shed. I was determined not to let her interfere with what I wanted to do and yet — I found myself filing faster and faster…sawing with gusto until the saw blade broke…hurrying along and rushing through things until I just had to stop because it just wasn’t happening. The longing in her gaze is very powerful.

Pickles stood up when she saw me stand and she waited for me to turn off all the electricity in the shed and then open the back door. She slowly followed me into the living room and gave a little snort and curled up beside me on the sofa.

I’m a slave to my dog but I don’t care.

After the rain stopped (for about the 14th time today) I took her out to our favourite park for a walk which was really good for the both of us. We’ve been trapped for too long in our house due to inclement weather and I think my friends in the midwestern U.S. know what I’m talking about. As much as I don’t like the rain, I am very glad that it isn’t snow and sub-zero temperatures.


One thought on “The View from the Window

  1. We’re having days of 9-10 celsius. Belgium has been incredibly mild … and the storms you guys send over, tend to veer off into Holland. I am very fine with this. Maybe bring Pickles with you, so Gert can see how good it is to have a dog 🙂 We have a magnificent park just down the road, polluted by one of the busiest highways in Europe next door but very pretty.

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