Wales Part Two

More photos from our wee trip to Wales.  I made AP stop the car on this country road so I could snap this shot.  He told me to be careful and hurry, but really, I don’t think I was in any danger of getting hit by a car.
This castle was in the side yard of an old farmhouse on a one track dirt road in the middle of the back of beyond. Can you imagine living next door to an old castle?

This little lady watched us while we were running back and forth along the road trying to find a good shot of the bay. She casually chewed her mouthful of grass, her jaw working back and forth and no matter where we stood or how close we got to the sheep, she remained seated in her spot, calm and serene.
A hamlet of houses in the Welsh countryside. We had lunch in a nearby pub next to a roaring open fire.

As I told the tow-truck driver who drove us back to our hotel that night, “I am utterly charmed by Wales!,” he put his finger to his lips and said, “don’t let too many people in on our secret.”

But now you know.

9 thoughts on “Wales Part Two

  1. What great pictures. For some reason I didn’t get the last five posts, but went back and enjoyed them all. Happy New Year:)

  2. Ewe’s took some great photos! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the wordplay ;0) This brings back a flood of memories. Oh, geez … it was 32 years ago come Feb. my husband and I traveled by train across England to Wales and then hopped over to Dun Laoghaire. Man, we were so young – and so hysterical trying to pronounce whatever ‘laoghaire’ was supposed to be! Dun Leary, it turns out. Then there was the drive across Ireland before retracing our path to head home. Sigh… Thanks for the photos. Awesome!

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