Musings on Sunday

Another unadulterated photo that I took of the sky while walking the dog the other day. The clouds just roll over the trees and the fields and it seems that the sun doesn’t so much as set as it slams down at the end of the day. That would be about 3:30 PM in my part of the world.

I got a call from the local newspaper yesterday. They’re doing a feature on cat rescue and adoption and they interviewed me. Oh it does pain me to admit this but I am an attention seeker and so I LOVED talking to the reporter about my adoption experience, first with Pearl and Pumpkin and now with Peri. He asked that we send a photo and so this morning AP and I tried and tried to get this little cat to pose with me but in true cat-fashion…she refused. Here’s one shot that we managed but you can perhaps see that she wasn’t exactly in the mood.
A few hours afterwards, when AP was out of the room, she sashayed over to me and walked around my feet for a bit. Then she jumped up on my lap and touched her nose to mine, purred, cooed, gave me many head butts — all of this would have made for some wonderful photos but alas. Such is life with a cat. She will let me know when she is ready for a photo and only she will approve of the time and place.

4 thoughts on “Musings on Sunday

  1. Thank you. I’m not sure we’ll ever get a good photo of the two of us. She was most offended at the way AP pointed the camera at us and the clicking sound of the shutter didn’t suit her either.

  2. That is not a bad photo of you two. I find that I have to keep clicking away until I have many, many shots to chose from. I love digital, I’d go broke if I still used film.

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