This morning Peri let me know that her stinky goodness turned to stinky badness and she wasn’t going to eat it.

And she was hungry.

So I did what any cat-servant would do…I ran to the store (sans make-up and shower) and bought her a six pack of her absolute favourite cat food and I served it up to her ASAP.  Whew.

That was how my day started.

It’s been full-on since.

Pickles and I had a walk in the late afternoon and I snapped some photos of the field and the bare trees.  There’s something about the nakedness of winter that I like.  Nothing is hidden.  It is cold, stark and the light in the sky is muted and low.  I walk along and get lost in thought and when I am brought back to the moment, I see that Pickles is walking right beside me, as faithful as ever, keeping pace with my footsteps.  I reach down and give her a stroke and am rewarded with a small little whimper and a very waggy tail.


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