The Day Before the Feast

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Have you started to thaw the turkey and chop up vegetables?

The word from my family on the other side of the Atlantic is that everyone is gathering at my sister’s house for the harvest feast.

IMG_0108 IMG_0109

Right now my sister is probably worrying that her pies won’t turn out or that the dressing will be dry but I can tell you right now that she’s a fantastic cook and everything will be delicious. I’m sorry I’ll miss it. Her grand children will be there…teenagers all. There will be much to discuss. I hope to get a full report.

I snooped around the internet a bit this morning to see some Thanksgiving tables from my favourite blogs and the first person I visited was Sharon Santoni, who never disappoints.

She set up her own photo shoot in the woods.

And look at these black and white Thanksgiving tables from Design Sponge:



They are so simple and elegant.  I love the painted white tiny pumpkins.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, may it be joyful for you.  If you are not celebrating, may you find joy in the day however you can.

4 thoughts on “The Day Before the Feast

  1. The fancy tables are very nice, but I love the old photos of your family table. So Midwestern, reminds me of home.

    So what are the British thankful for on Thanksgiving? Getting rid of those pesky pilgrims?

    1. Well – for the past few years I threw a big Thanksgiving meal and invited friends but this year I decided not to do that. Instead I’m hosting Sophia and we’re having chicken and french fries…her favourite.

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