As Long As We’re on the Subject

Cats of the neighborhood: Photos taken while Pickles and I were on walkies a few weeks ago.




I realize that my blogging has been light these past few weeks. And to think that it’s National Blog Posting Month and bloggers all over the internet are posting daily during the month of November. Whew.

I’m working, working —

Christmas is coming and the student gallery is accepting submissions for their Christmas show. I’ve been sawing and soldering silver and then accidentally dropping bits and pieces on the floor. I feel as though I spend half of my working time crawling around the shed, bumping my head and bruising my arms as I look for the crucial piece that rolled behind a table or fell into a crack in the floor.

Sophia has also been here this week.

And I’ve got this little doggie to walk and care for. The days are oh so short and so we must walk in the afternoon in order to benefit from any sunlight — such that it is in November in England.

There is more but I will save that for another day.

Happy Friday.

5 thoughts on “As Long As We’re on the Subject

  1. Clearly Pickles has established herself as a force with whom to be reckoned in the neighborhood. Happy blogging month Rockyann. Redrokit hasn’t been so regular herself!

    1. You are so right! In fact, I often look for that little cat while out and about. She/He has the same “alarmed” look on its face that Pearl used to have when she didn’t approve of something.

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