A Little Cat Blogging

She’s a sweetie pie.
Remember that cat bed that I bought her? It was a big hit, especially after I placed it up high on our living room cabinet. I think Peri would love some wall mounted cat stairs and a high shelf on which to perch and display herself.
She sits in her cat bed and watches us all, especially the dog. And sometimes she bursts into a loud, spontaneous purr that I can hear from the kitchen! She’s got the most resounding purr I’ve ever heard from a cat. Sometimes we just burst into laughter at the squeaky, snorty, cooing noises that come from this little feline.
A lone fly made its way into our house on a cold November day and Peri hunted it from the window sill.
She makes very few demands and she is quite polite and only on very cold nights does she make her way into our bed to steal some of the covers. And we are always happy to oblige.

7 thoughts on “A Little Cat Blogging

  1. You her heart and soul. No mean feat I’m thinking. It’s been lovely reading of her adjustment. Now, I need a labrador pup, crossed with some kind of sheepdog. Hmmmm, your example has just made me keener 🙂

  2. Adorable! Imagine if she teamed up with our Geiger to purr! (For those who don’t know, she’s called Geiger because she sounds like Geiger counter in overdrive!)
    And that is a great place for her eyrie!

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