The Free Range Bedtime


We are one of those couples who allow pets onto the bed. Pickles has a whole  routine that must be followed and now Peri is discovering that our bed is a warm, comfortable place to be when the cold nights draw in. Sometimes AP and I find ourselves fighting for the duvet. Sometimes I have to confiscate my pillow in the wee hours of the morning.  Sometimes one of us is driven out of the bed altogether.  And that is why, reader, I smiled and sighed when I saw this little graphic.  I totally get it.  As one of my friends said, “the truth…it tickles and it stings.”

3 thoughts on “The Free Range Bedtime

  1. That’s why I spent a lot of money on a king sized bed. The dogs were taking up most of the prime real estate, and I was sleeping on six inches of mattress. Now they sleep perpendicular to me and I still sleep on the outer six inches of the bed. Mark is so far away on the opposite side that I can’t even touch him with a finger tip.

  2. Marley has never tried to hop onto our bed. That’s good, because he sheds so much that I would probably wake up with dog hair in my mouth!

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