Retrospective — An Artist is Surprised by a Former Love

“Marina Abramovic and Ulay shared a great love story in the 70s. Together they performed art out of the van they lived in, forming a collective called “the other”.

When their relationship had come to an end, they went to the Great Wall of China to walk it together. Both started walking from the opposite end until they met in the middle for one last big hug before disappearing from each other’s lives.

For her 2010 MoMa retrospective, Marina performed ‘The Artist is Present’, the biggest exhibition of performance art in MoMA’s history.

During the performance, Marina shared a minute of silence staring into the eyes of a complete stranger who was seated in front of her. This is when Ulay arrived, without her prior knowledge. Watch the video below to see what happens.” – enpundit

5 thoughts on “Retrospective — An Artist is Surprised by a Former Love

  1. I found it interesting that he had a harder time looking directly and intensely at her than she did.
    And I find the connection that can occur between human beings still utterly fascinating, moving, and intoxicating.

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